SwimSwam Podcast – Betsy Mitchell: More Than Medals, Lessons From An Olympian

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SwimSwam’s Mel Stewart talks to Betsy about her new book.

Video Description:

On the SwimSwam Podcast I talk with a very dear friend. In prep school, I looked up to and leaned on her for tough advice and guidance. I think we’ve all had that one person in our swimming life. Olympic Champion Betsy Mitchell was that person for me.

Betsy is a renaissance woman in the sports world, a 2-time Olympian, gold medalist, 7-time NCAA champion, former college swimming coach, and the current Athletic Director of Caltech. Betsy’s roots run deep in sport, which is why she’s co-authored her first book with Ann Worthington, MORE THAN MEDALS, Lessons From An Olympian.

Betsy’s forthcoming in this conversation, bringing wisdom and perspective to the topic of youth and college sports. I hope you enjoy it.

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