“More Than Medals” Out NOW!

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"More Than Medals" Out NOW!

"More Than Medals" coming May 30, 2024!

Betsy Mitchell, two-time Olympian, gold medalist, world champion and record holder, provides details about her youth and her rise to greatness in the sport of swimming. During her journey competing in amateur sports, she learned many lessons that she applies in her daily life and in her work as a collegiate athletic director. In this book, Betsy reveals how amateur sports shaped her life and shares twelve pivotal lessons she learned along the way.”

More than Medals: Lessons From an Olympian is a memoir-esque set of lessons learned on her journey from YMCA swimming to collegiate dominance and Olympic medals in 1984 and 1988. Betsy shares these lessons in an inspirational commentary on the state of youth sports today and how we need to find and keep the joy in amateur sports. Targeting youth sport parents, coaches and athletes, Betsy’s mission as a collegiate athletic director and thought leader in college sports is to hold meaningful conversations on how to refocus our amateur sports culture on development, character and fun.

As of May 20, More Than Medals: Lessons from an Olympian is available in three formats: paperback, e-reader, and an audio book, which Betsy narrates herself! Purchase More Than Medals at betsymitchell.us/buy and check below for upcoming conversations, readings and signings. Please reach out to arrange an engagement for your organization.

For signing events, please visit betsymitchell.us/events.

Early reviews are humbling and on-point:

“As a parent, I’ve tried to emphasize to my son the importance of hard work and doing your best in sports, but social media and television often drown out that message. This book reveals what amateur sports should be; that the process is valuable because learning life lessons is the true reward.”

– Jill Sterkel, 4x Olympian, 13x individual U.S. National Champion and 16x NCAA/AIAW individual National Champion swimmer

“Betsy puts into words what I have felt for years—that participating in sports can be such a healthy part of life, but only if kept in perspective with the bigger picture of one’s life. Betsy’s lessons will help current athletes, coaches, and parents develop and maintain a healthy attitude towards training and competing.”

– Mary T. Meagher, 3x Olympian, World Record Holder and 24x U.S. National Champion swimmer

“More than Medals is a tribute to the magic of sports and their power to transform young lives. I’ve known Betsy for more than four decades and she writes just as she has lived her life—with authentic grit, unrelenting determination, and clear-eyed conviction—telling a truth all athletes have learned, that pursuing athletic excellence drives success long after the playing days are over.”

– John Moffet, 2x Olympian, 3x Emmy-winning producer

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